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Marco Bonesini is Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Trueblue.

When Marco entered the informatics world in the food field in 1990, his entrepreneurial spirit was already remarkable. After three years, he approached the Pharma industry founding Blue Chip, specialised in the management of the sales divisions of pharmaceutical companies.

Blue Chip quickly became the leader in the solutions for sales force automation and analytic systems.
Therefore, on the strength of his success and local leadership, Marco started focussing on the growth of Blue Chip around Europe. In 2000, he sold Blue Chip to IBM Canada.
After a short experience in IBM, Marco decided to go back to his roots and with Michele Barana he founded Trueblue, a Product company oriented firstly towards BI solutions and services on cloud, and then towards the Operational CRM for the Pharma industry.

When the company reached the local leadership in 2010, Marco pursued a strategy for the company’s internationalisation that led Trueblue to the main markets worldwide. In 2015, he focused on the development of an offering for corporate companies and on the establishment of Trueblue in the world main countries. Nowadays, not only does he manage the sales division and the business development, but he also takes care of the strategies for the positioning of “Cloud Corporate Analytical Pharma Service”. This innovative and important AI project meets the growing need of the Pharma market to have a single corporate analytical model managed “As a Service” by the supplier.