Head of SME Department

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Alberto Carli is one of the first employee of Trueblue.

Finished the studies, after a short experience working at IT Department of the University of Verona, he joined Blue Chip, as member of the customer service for some small companies: in a short time, he was promoted as customer service manager for the GlaxoWellcome group.

At the beginning of 2003, he joined Trueblue as Data Warehouse developer helping Trueblue to build the foundation for the Data Model, which is one of the assets – continuously improving – still in use by the BI Department.

Thanks to the experience earned working closely to the most important Pharmaceutical companies, he has reached high level of competencies in functional areas such as Business Operation, Sales Force Effectiveness, Selling Excellence analytics and generally, in all the topics related to the increasement of the efficacy/efficiency.

Since 2016 Alberto is leading the SME department which – thanks to the high skills in engaging with the customer and knowing very well the business needs – is able to drive the customer into successful journeys, providing them operative, functional and strategic advisory.