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Intro Podcast

5 mar 2021

Intro - Trueblue's Podcast "IT makes sense!"

English | 3 min


8 mar 2021

Stories from the IT World - 8th March | Women in Tech&Pharma – let's talk about it!

English | 17 min

A Talk With

23 apr 2021

A talk with: Fabio De Luca – CMO Angelini Pharma | Customer Engagement: how to match customer expectations with strategy

English | 36 min

Focus On

7 may 2021

Focus on: Pharma & Life Science | When digital communication turns into healthcare information: the case of Gedeon Richter for Women’s health and Giorgia Soleri model and influencer

English | 14 min

A Talk With

22 jun 2021

A talk with: Valeria De Flaviis Head of Innovative Models Novartis | The process of Digital Innovation in Pharma: from the internal corporate culture to the interaction with customers

English | 9 min


7 jul 2021

Stories from the IT World: it takes a cloud solution to remain sane!

English | 14 min

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