On data, information and smart decisions

Nowadays, we are surrounded by data. Data generates information and information is behind every action we perform and all the events that make up our life. Moreover, we have achieved such a high technology level that we can more than ever collect this astonishing amount of information in a meaningful way.

As a matter of fact, companies have the possibility to gather any kind of data from their business, such as collaborators’ activities and sales reports… Even competitors’ data sometimes! The biggest challenge isn’t collecting data though, but tackling the problem of how to extract valuable information from it. This is why companies rely on analytical tools that transform and organise non-informative data into something more useful and usable.

Guiding a business strategy without trusting consistent and modelled outcomes is a very unwise decision and this is where Trueblue steps in – We help pharmaceutical companies make better decisions based on reliable data. From sales representatives to corporate managers, everyone can benefit from a well-analysed set of information, whereas being driven by pure impulsive and instinctive feelings could be damaging for anyone.

Trueblue’s Analytical Suite will advise you on the smartest data-driven steps to take along the intricate journey of pharmaceutical business.


Trueblue, its Analytical Suite and a Data Warehouse

To find out one of the cardinal services our company provides and to understand how a data warehouse works in the analytical context of Trueblue, we need to first explain the above-mentioned notions.

We do not want to consider all the details in depth and we will not spell out all the technicalities either, leaving their definitions either to the curious reader or to a more specialised paper. We are just going to provide you with all the relevant concepts to grasp the full potential of Trueblue’s analytical suite.

Firstly, we should briefly introduce the difference between the well-known notion of database and the one of data warehouse. Only after this comparison will we be able to clearly explain the analytical suite.


Preliminary notions

A database is a consistent collection of data related to each other, whose information can be easily retrieved. At first sight, a Data Warehouse can seem nothing more than a database, with a larger amount of data and some useful additional functions, but this is not the whole story. There are some peculiarities that define the different scopes and uses of these two tools, indeed.

While a database saves data in real time, a Data Warehouse is convenient not only to collect data, but also to aggregate it and set it up for a systematic analysis through online analytical processes called OLAPs. Thanks to these OLAPs, we build up some data schemes based on the collected data, the so called TrueCubes, which underlie our analyses.

Furthermore, a database uploads data from a single source, whereas a Data Warehouse gathers data from different systems and stores it uniformly.

Beside this, an important feature of a Data Warehouse is the high quality of analyses, especially because of the integration with BI platforms, unlike a database. Also, we can query a huge number of data without interfering with its storage.

Now we have a rather sufficient notion of what a Data Warehouse is. Trueblue’s Data Warehouse, though, is something more – let’s find out why.


The Core of Trueblue – Its analytical suite

Trueblue’s Analytical Suite helps pharma customers both to integrate various data sources and to extract from them meaningful information, used to create BI (business intelligence) knowledge.

Thanks to our long-standing developed standard and the ETLs deck, our data warehouse model manages several types of data, not only Internal Sales and Third Party data e.g. Market Sales, Market Prescriptions, Share of Voice, but also CRM Multichannel data, just to name a few.

This amount of data is then harmonised and enriched, making it available for users’ cross analyses.

Our BI solutions can also be tailored on specific business cases. A trend is meaningful not only for the managed data, but also – and especially – when the reporting tools aim at identifying the right way of visualising information in order to efficiently highlight the most important one for the business.

Trueblue’s analytical suite gives customers the possibility to create many types of data visualisation based on their needs. It also provides a standard way to extract BI information from data, the so called Trueblue analytical process, which allows to define an Action Plan based on a shared and uniform analytical path.

This is grounded on the assumption that the objectives of Medical Representatives are both checking whether their territories are performing well enough and focusing on relevant items e.g. key products and geographical areas for their action plan delineation.

In this context, reporting and operational tools are fundamental to ensure medical representatives simple, organised and guided in-depth analyses.

The analytical process Trueblue proposes its customers helps users to be fully aware of the results they are achieving within their area of competence. Moreover, it allows focussing on the evaluation and the competition of the performances of the products identified by the Head Quarters as the most important ones. Furthermore, it is capable of highlighting any area or product in the range of interest of users, guiding them in strategic marketing decisions that permit to improve their performances.

This analytical process starts with an overview of the results, comparing sales data with sales objectives. That is, users can open the report, see a green light telling everything is fine, close it and go back to their activities without wasting time and energy.

The process allows users to compare data from two points of view, evolution and competition. It gives them insights on whether sales in their territory are improving or nor over time. Besides, it provides users with a comparison of the key competitors and moreover, with the higher levels of the field force.

The second step of the analytical process helps users to check the key components of their territory, to identify those on which an additional time-wise effort is required to improve the whole territorial sales.

Through the prioritised reports, users will be able to get several details about product allocations and their working competence. Therefore, the Head Quarters will be able to understand whether the FTE is enough and if Medical Representatives are improving the advised activities currently in progress.


Why should companies choose Trueblue’s Analytical Suite, then?

They should opt for it because of three reasons.

Firstly, it ensures optimised times and costs. In fact, it connects several data sources and provides high-speed implementation times built up on Trueblue’s long-serving expertise.

Secondly, it is flexible and automated. Although the analytical suite is specific for the pharmaceutical world, customers have the chance to shape it and tailor its functionalities as they desire.

Last but not least, data is constantly and automatically updated, validated at all corporate levels. Also, it is accessible from several devices, both fixed and mobile, with the possibility to export all reports into excel, pdf and many other formats. Moreover, data comes with complete management of data log including structure changes. So, customers can always control what is happening and the evolution trends.


Painting data

As a last remark, we would like to emphasise that Trueblue’s Data Warehouse division combines technical skills with commitment, research and innovation. These features, together with a competent matter insight and the know-how of the pharmaceutical world, give customers the possibility to interact with consultants who not only know the subject, but can also go deep into the details of data and explain how it should be managed and displayed in a meaningful way.

Sometimes, when developing a solution, it feels like creating a work of art with rigorous rules and, at the same time, passion and dedication. We dare say our works recall the ones by the famous Italian painter Piero della Francesca, who not only drew and painted great artworks, but also meticulously studied the subjects of his paintings, adding value to them. Indeed, the perspective research made him a pioneer. His brush strokes can be seen as the data managed by Trueblue’s Data Warehouse, whereas his studies are like our research and development on the pharmaceutical subject. The union of talent, developed abilities and strong leaning gave rise to what is well known over the world – Piero della Francesca’s paintings are something extraordinarily beautiful. Likewise, we are combining what we wrote above and thanks to this effort, our job is becoming more and more acknowledged and certified in the pharmaceutical environment.

Being always up to date with what is happening both in the pharma world and in computer science and technology landscape allows us – given the customer needs – to find the perfect solution, all together.