M.A.R.C. – The Pharma Pocket Expert transforming the current Business Model

How Artificial Intelligence can be applied to the pharmaceutical industry, concretely improving performances

In the beginning was the Fire. Today we talk about Artificial Intelligence – a milestone in the history of mankind that is radically changing our lives, with enormous potential in terms of both opportunities and applications. However, such a powerful tool must be mastered and managed perfectly. Otherwise, consequences can be damaging, just as happened to primitive men who initially – not knowing what fire was – burned themselves with a simple touch.


Today, through this touch (this time on a smartphone screen) and thanks to the Artificial Intelligence technology, brand new scenarios unfold. Especially in the Pharma world, Artificial Intelligence has led to a revolution in work and business models, pursuing the goal of improving not only performance, but also the quality of work and, consequently, of our lives.

Hence the collaboration between Trueblue and Google Cloud, a combination of expertise and technology giving birth to M.A.R.C. The “Pharma Pocket Expert“, in fact, lays its foundations on this evolution, thus overcoming the “CRM Age”, as it is a 360° system that integrates:

  • Operational
  • Analytic
  • Artificial Intelligence


After the success of Eyefopharma Barcelona 2019, where M.A.R.C. was introduced to the public of the pharmaceutical world by Ryan Olohan, Managing Director Healthcare of Google, Trueblue and Google Cloud will launch this Artificial Intelligence product in Google Italy Head Office in Milan on 20/05/2019, presenting its functionalities and its presence in the market, as in the case of Merck Corporate.

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