Our added value has always been to provide concrete support to companies in the pharmaceutical market, thanks to major continuous investment in research and development, allowing us to understand and analyse the needs of the customer in depth, in order to develop quality products and services born directly in our research laboratories.


Trueblue is established after more than ten years of experience with Blue Chip with a specific reason, which is to create a strategic Data Warehouse solution specific for the pharmaceutical industry, providing a real business support for the management, leveraging the experience of more than 10 years of operational CRM.

The company focuses on building an analytical model for the pharmaceutical market to be easily replicated on all companies in the sector. To build the system, Trueblue has taken over 2 years of development with over 14,000 hours of implementation. Today, after 15 years, we have reached 300,000 hours of research and development.

The model has been implemented on 4 out of the top 5 big pharma companies worldwide.

ATo date, Trueblue’s analytical model is used by 60,000 users of more than 100 world companies and is acknowledged as the reference system in the pharmaceutical market.


In 2006 Trueblue develops and implements for Takeda, a Japanese big pharma, the world’s first web-based CRM system, which uses web technology.

With the realization of its new system Trueblue is able to extend all functions of the CRM to all commercial pharma divisions, creating a complete suite able to cover the needs of marketing and sales. Over the following years, the web CRM system has been adopted by more than 60 companies.


Launch of the CRM suite with 40 modules covering all end-to-end Pharma commercial processes. Trueblue becomes leader in DWH, Pharma OTC and Market Access (MA).
Integration with Trueblue’s analytical model and with competitors’ complementary products, offering in Cloud and SaaS mode and acquisition of over 20 large multinational Pharma companies in Italy.

These modules allow to cover all local needs in terms of business functionality and local compliance, bringing added value to the clients both in operational processes and strategic decisions.


“Best Digital Company for the 2° year in a row!”
2009 sees the launch of the Data warehouse project for MSD (the 2nd Cloud DWH), ready to receive support data and provide insight on multi-channel data.

The plan is ambitious: going live with the sales force and territorial sales data in only 20 days. This represents a real challenge for Trueblue, which put in place a task force totally dedicated to the MSD project, able to implement the Cloud Data Warehouse on territorial sales and deliver the time report to the sales forces in 20 days.
The modularity of Trueblue’s sales allows to integrate all other data sources in the following months, with an incremental release that has as a final step the integration of all digital channels to support the digital strategy of MSD in the next 10 months.


International success and consolidation in Italy (over 60 local clients).
From Local to Corporate – the start of corporate projects increases Trueblue’s presence in foreign markets with implementations in 26 countries including US, Russia and Latin America.

Entry in adjacent markets: medium and small-sized Pharma, generic drugs, biotech, nutraceuticals, medical devices, etc.

Thanks to Trueblue’s capabilities and the real projects implemented, Trueblue gets the Gartner Cool Vendor in Life Sciences with the following main reasons:

  • Trueblue offers a CRM complete system, from modules to databases. It is a truly integrated multichannel CRM solution with capabilities in sales force automation, campaign management, key opinion leaders, events management, territory management, social media analysis, account management and action planning, tendering, and business analytics. This is a turning point because, as life science companies have grown tired of legacy CRM systems, they have jumped into a new sales automation solution or piloted some social media. But they have often forgotten the need to have an integrated, multichannel offering that can combine traditional and new sources of information to understand custom potential and behaviours, and better reach pharma experts where and how it best meets their need”.
  • Trueblue has such a powerful and user-friendly analytical solution that most of the above mentioned users are doing so on top of competitors’ CRM offerings. This is largely because it allows them to combine and share all the information present in all the relevant systems across the company. In addition, the quality of Trueblue’s references is without equal. The users love the simplicity of combining different information, its speed and flexibility and the quality of its interface. Users also highlight to the availability of an extensive, pharma-specific library of predefined reports, KPIs and analytical processes for each commercial aspect of the business. Its analytics platform can extract social interactions for physicians and patients into a more traditional CRM solution to provide a truly 360-degree view of what physicians are doing and saying. This allows for more effective targeting and segmentation, in a world where many physicians won’t allow a sales rep to visit them.


2016 is a turning point in the evolution of Trueblue’s business.
While the implementations of CRM and Business Intelligence solutions are steadily increasing in the Italian market, Trueblue begins to stand out as a first class outsider in the “European context”.

The top-notch projects delivered for Pharmaceutical Companies based in Italy that included multi-countries implementations are its access point to the global market.
Pharmaceutical Companies in Europe and US recognize Trueblue as an international player and begin to assign their strategic projects to Trueblue.
To tackle with this significant demand of new and complex projects and collaborations, Trueblue needs to radically reorganize its structure and invest in view of the incoming growth phase.
Thus, it creates a specific International Development Department, as well as a Consulting Team “as a service” to outsource specific functions (SFE, analytics, market access).

Production and Project Management functions are improved at any level, new talents are hired and the governance process is reviewed and improved.
To support these changes Trueblue adopts new tools and software, management and processes governance tools.

Among its most significant collaborations, Trueblue counts Amgen Corporate, Pfizer, Merk Serono and Zambon.
New products has been developed as well as new analytic capabilities in our Business Intelligence platform, like ICM, Multichannel BI and Commercial Excellence.


The project with GSK Corporate is the only worldwide Data Warehouse project with 96 successfully functioning branches.

The goal is to quickly obtain an analytical system for the salesforce providing a single support tool for the whole sales business plan. For this purpose, Trueblue’s experience is leveraged through its library of KPIs, analyses and processes. The process involves configuring Trueblue processes to meet GSK’s needs and logic, providing change management support and a data model, managing and completing the project with GSK and other “integration systems”.


In January 2019 begins the development of M.A.R.C., the Pharma Pocket Expert, in partnership with Merck, with the aim of bringing about a substantial change in the working model thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence technology.

March sees the start of the pilot project with the first Merck user and the official presentation of M.A.R.C. at Eyeforpharma Barcelona, a worldwide event, winning the interest of the public.
In May, M.A.R.C. is launched in the Italian market at an event in collaboration with Google Cloud, at the headquarters of Google Italy in Milan, in front of an audience of over 120 managers from over 40 companies in the pharma & healthcare industry.
Afterwards, the first “Go Live” is launched with Merck’s endocrinology line, while from September it will also start on all the other lines.