11 December 2020

Digital Transformation and the new customer engagement paradigms for Pharma & Life Science

The “New Normal” and the acceleration of processes towards Digital: How Customer Engagement and multi-channel processes have become key factors for the business today.

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Digital Transformation is Now

Since the very beginning, the world has been constantly changing and evolving: the environment around us changes, civilization changes, habits change and so do markets. The pace at which we are obliged to adjust or shape these changes differs immensely!

The COVID-19 has taken to the extreme the need to adapt quickly and efficiently. In fact, the rapid, global spread of the virus has unleashed what is possibly the biggest shock to our lives in nearly a century. While COVID-19 is above all a humanitarian crisis, businesses have also suffered as economies slide to a near halt. However, this crisis has given the most innovative and digitally-driven companies the chance to show their flexibility, while it has put out in the open the need for so many others to move in the direction of the so called “Digital Transformation”.

In the context of the “New Normal“, Pharma & Life Science companies have now the perfect burning platform for their transformation.  Probably one of the most visible examples comes from Customer Engagement, which has been pushed far away from what used to be a comfort zone, thus starting a race to find the right working patterns and increase business performance. But there is more: the solutions that need to be adopted to meet this need must be able to provide a forward-looking plan that also safeguards business resilience.

This means that Digital Transformation is not a momentary solution derived from this year’s dramatic situation, but a real acceleration of something that already existed and was possible, but that was thought to be possible to live without.

The new Era of Smart Customer Engagement

So, in an era where multichannel is no longer an option, how can companies in the Pharma & Life Science sectors rethink theCustomer Engagement processes in order to develop an Smart Engagement? If the fundamentals remain the same, the way it is needed to integrate additional information, coordinate the engagement and measure it in an integrated way, changes radically.

KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS AND PLAN – The way we gather, organize and execute on the information we have regarding our customers (from F2F to F@F)

INTELLIGENT ENGAGEMENT – How we engage with our customers in a tailored and flexible manner to deliver superior value while meeting our customers’ needs

MEASURING AND TRACKING CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT – How we monitor and track customer engagement abandoning a single channel view and moving into an integrated one

AiDEA is the Solution

With these assumptions, we at Trueblue, together with Microsoft, have pursued the goal of providing our customers with the most advanced technology on the market, giving them the opportunity to manage interactions in the simplest and most impactful way and therefore revolutionizing multichannel customer engagement.

This is how AiDEA (Smart Customer Engagement powered by Microsoft) was born, an innovative solution where Artificial Intelligence is the foundation that feeds the operational and analytical solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and integrated with Power Platform. Its native ability to integrate data from multiple sources provides the customer with a 360° vision, allowing the implementation of an omni-channel strategy.  By making smartphones the device of choice, it can be used anywhere and at any time representing the beginning of a new era.

The clear value that AiDEA can provide to the different users within the company (e.g. field-force, marketing, etc.) and the incredible user interface we have developed, ensure system adoption making it possible to increase performance and close the gap between strategy and execution.

In conclusion, what we are witnessing is the birth of a new paradigm in terms of customer engagement, where digital and physical barriers will blend even more and innovative solutions will become the extension of final users, augmenting their reach, capacity and impact.

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