6 September 2021

Customer Support Specialist | The Ultimate Guide

Best practices and “active principles” to have the desired effect in today’s Pharma & Life Science market

Ruolo del Customer Support Specialist

In the last few years one of the aspects that contribute to the success of a business, which has now become essential for a successful company, is that linked to the Support department. However, it often happens to wonder about the key factors that make this service efficient at 360 °, in the same way as the right active ingredients that make up a pharmaceutical drug. The answer, as simple as it may seem, lies in the very term that designates the professional figure of reference, namely the role of the Customer Support Specialist.

Customer – For a complete Customer-Centric Approach

Ruolo del Customer Support Specialist

The times in which a company was exclusively oriented towards Product or Sales have been clearly overcome and today, for every self-respecting player, it is clear how central the role of the Customer is in guiding the correct business strategies. Concepts such as “Customer Experience” and “Customer Journey” have now become commonly used, consecrating the active role of the Consumer in the co-creation of the Value Chain and, it goes without saying, the Pharma & Life Science markets has not been excluded from such a revolution.

Support – Assistance for the Customer in the different phases of the Journey

Ruolo del Customer Support Specialist

The Support activity is provided by virtue of many variables, which can and must take into account both external factors to the company, such as the progress of technologies and means of communication, as well as socio-economic events of particular relevance, and endogenous factors, or, first of all, the famous Human Capital. The latter is in turn declined in the so-called hard skills, such as specific and linguistic competences that the sector and internationalisation require, and in soft skills, intrinsic qualities that affect not only the Professional, but also the Person under the surface, a treasure chest of infinite attitudes and values.

Specialist – An High Expertise Role in continuous evolution

The Customer Support Specialist

The appendix of Specialist reflects the further competences that distinguish its expertise, going to establish a reference role also in terms of Consultancy and Training. On the other hand, realities that, like Trueblue, make innovation one of the Core Values of their business, know that it is not only manifested in the development of the product, but comes to life in all areas of the company, including Services.

Specifically, here are some of the main tasks that involve a Customer Support Specialist:

1. Users’ Support

Support (how-to-use) to the Sales force’s daily activities to offer the most valuable experience using the system offered.

2. New Implementations Management

Analysis of customers’ needs to take the steps necessary for improving business and meeting legal requirements. Post-release support in using the system.

3. Monitoring & Maintenance

Daily control and monitoring of our systems to guarantee the utmost quality of service.

4. Technical Consulting

Contact with our customers’ third-party suppliers for interfacing data exchange to and from the company systems.

5. Constant Learning

Internal language training for our consultants to ensure better communication in innovative technologies and provide state-of-the-art support.

All this, and much more, delineates the role of the Customer Support Specialist, as the result of a constant evolution that has given rise to deep Product knowledge, combined with the mental flexibility that allows them to interpret an apparent problem as a new opportunity.

Lidia Dussena – Customer Support Specialist at Trueblue

The Customer Support Specialist
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