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Pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679
General Data Protection Regulation

In compliance with the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 – General Regulation on Data Protection (hereinafter the “Regulation“), of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 – Code for the protection of personal data (hereinafter the “Code“) and with the provision for the identification of simplified methods for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies – 8 May 2014 (published in the Official Gazette no. 126 of 3 June 2014), the undersigned Trueblue S.r.l., with registered office in Viale del Lavoro 33, 37135 Verona – Italy, F.C. and VAT no. 03258370232 (hereinafter also referred to as “Trueblue” or the “Company“), in its role as Data Controller of personal data, informs the user about the methods and techniques used by the website (hereinafter the “website“) and in particular on the use of Cookies.

1. What are cookies?

The website uses “Cookies”, i.e. text files that are sent from a web server (i.e. the computer that runs the website visited) to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and stored on the hard disk of the user’s PC when the user visits the website. Cookies allows the website to identify the user’s PC through the information stored on it whenever he/she reconnects to the website through that PC.
Through the use of cookies it is possible for us to facilitate the user’s navigation within the website.
Cookies do not collect information that directly identifies the user. As a matter of fact, through cookies Trueblue cannot trace any directly identifying personal information (e.g. name, surname) if not provided directly by the user. Moreover, other websites cannot use a cookie issued by the website to access other information contained in the user’s computer. Once saved on the computer, the cookie can only be read by the website that created it (and therefore, in this case, by

2. What types of cookies does the website use:

The nature of the Cookies used by this website is exclusively technical/analytical. There are no profiling purposes under any circumstances.
Technical and analytical tools
These cookies are used in order to guarantee navigation and therefore the computerized transmission of data on the network or strictly necessary for the provision of the services provided by the website. These cookies are usually temporary, so-called “session cookies”, and are issued by the website on the user’s computer during navigation, but are stored exclusively for the duration of the navigation session itself. This means that when the user closes his/her browser the cookies are automatically deleted and disappear, without remaining stored on the computer. They are formed by random numbers generated by the server and are used to allow safe and efficient exploration of the website.
Technical/analytical cookies are divided into:

  • Session or navigation cookies: designed to ensure the normal navigation and use of the website, using different options or services.
  • Analytical cookies: cookies that collect information on the number of users and how they visit the website, for example information on which pages or sections of pages are most frequently viewed and from which pages reports of malfunctions are received. The information is collected in aggregate and anonymous form.
  • Functionality cookies: cookies that allow the user to navigate according to a set of selected criteria (such as language, text characters, browser type) in order to improve the service provided.


Through the use of these cookies it is possible to simplify the navigation of the user within the website, for example by remembering the data provided by the user when filling out forms on the website (so-called user input cookies), to recognize the user after he/she has logged in to the website (so-called authentication cookies), to personalize the website interface based on the preferences indicated by the user, to collect information in aggregate form regarding the number of visitors to the website and the most visited pages (so-called analytics cookies), etc.
Technical/analytical cookies, including those of third parties, which adopt measures to anonymize users (such as partially hiding IP address) and have only statistical or website optimization purposes, do not require the explicit consent of the interested party as they are strictly necessary to provide the service requested by the user of the website (ex art. 6, paragraph 1, letter b) of the Regulation).

3. Information on cookies issued by the website.

Cookies sent and managed by this website are owned by Trueblue S.r.l.
We provide the following information regarding cookies used in the website:
1) The domain name from which the website server transmits cookies is
2) Purpose of the collection: cookies are used solely for the purpose of enabling easier and faster navigation within the website or to carry out statistical and anonymous analyses/checks on the use of the website (technical cookies).
3) Collected data: the following information is stored: addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation of the requested resources, time of the request, method used to submit the request to the server, size of the file obtained in response, numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the operating system and the user’s computer environment.
From a technical point of view, cookies (transmitted by the domain contain the following information: a numerical ID that uniquely identifies Excelsior and a numerical ID that identifies the user (who navigates within the website), both stored within our database, a numerical ID that uniquely identifies the user’s navigation (so-called “record”) within our database, an alphanumeric pseudo-random session ID automatically deleted by the browser when the browser is closed (session cookie).
4) Validity of cookies: the website uses session cookies (i.e. cookies that are automatically deleted when the browser is closed), as well as permanent cookies (i.e. cookies that are stored until deleted by the user), which in any case last no longer than six months.
5) Necessity of accepting cookies: the acceptance of cookies is not mandatory but their deactivation, although it allows navigation within the website, may not make it possible to release some content and functionality of the website.
6) Deactivation and deletion of cookies: you can deactivate/activate cookies at any time. We provide you with the following information to enable you to make a free and informed choice about (i) cookie identifier, (ii) cookie characteristics and purpose, (iii) possibility to disable/activate single cookies or disable/activate all cookies:
You can deactivate/activate or delete cookies at any time by using the settings of your web browser (see paragraph 5 below).
7) Data disclosure: information collected through cookies is confidential and is not disclosed to third parties.

Technical cookies issued by the website are shown in the table below.

4. Third-party cookies

The website uses so-called “third-party cookies” (in particular Google Analytics), i.e. cookies that are issued and managed by parties other than Trueblue, for purposes specific to such parties.
Cookies on this website use anonymisation or aggregation techniques and are therefore not subject to the requirements of chapter 5 of the provision “Identification of simplified methods for the information and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies – 8 May 2014”.

We provide you with the information in the table below to enable you to make a free and informed choice about (i) the type and identification of cookies, (ii) the characteristics and purpose of cookies, as well as the possibility to change the consent.

5. Deactivating/deleting cookies via web browser

You can deactivate/activate or delete cookies at any time by using the settings of your web browser. In particular, if you do not wish to receive cookies, you can set your browser to notify you of the presence of a cookie so that you can decide whether to accept it or not; you can also automatically refuse all cookies by activating the relevant option in your browser. You can also delete specific cookies that have already been stored in your browser or block the storage of cookies on your computer by specific websites, or block third-party cookies.

Each browser has its own type of cookie management, in the administration or settings panel you can change/manage the parameters and proceed to delete cookies.
To disable the use of all or only some cookies it is necessary to modify the settings of your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.).
To do so, you can consult the information in your browser’s User Manual (so-called Help Page) or go to the following links.


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