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Digital Meets with Microsoft

Nowadays, it’s all about AI. Everybody keeps talking about Artificial Intelligence and actually, AI is present in our daily lives while we interact with people and do our daily tasks. […]

Why AiDEA?

This is actually a twofold question as it can be answered in two different ways. The first is linked to the choice of the name “AiDEA”, while the second refers […]

Rocking with A.I. is the New… Normal

When it comes to marketing and, more generally, business, we often refer to a series of challenges related to a central topic: the continuous evolution of Customer Journey in the […]

Digital Transformation and the new customer engagement paradigms for Pharma & Life Science

Digital Transformation is Now Since the very beginning, the world has been constantly changing and evolving: the environment around us changes, civilization changes, habits change and so do markets. The […]

How to Design IT Pharma Solutions

Where to start? Listen We all know the enthusiasm when starting a new project, the thrill that leads us to create and develop amazing things. However, if you don’t talk […]

The new Scenario of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence seems to be the must-have of 2019-2020. Already in the vocabulary of many Companies from many sectors such as automotive, agri-food, household appliances, finance, and healthcare, it is […]

100% Compliant with EFPIA & Sunshine Act

The landscape regarding the publication of transparency of transfers of value to Healthcare Professionals is constantly evolving, especially in Europe, where there is a drive for greater consistency between local […]

Artificial Intelligence, Smart Work and Process Revolution: Trueblue talks about the Challenge of Covid

Italy’s suffering in the field of digital has been portrayed rather mercilessly in the latest DESI report, which has relegated our Country to the lowest in the class among the […]