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Call to Action: 5 ways to make it a true Star!

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like Marketing” states Tom Fishburne, Founder & CEO of Marketoonist. This quote encapsulates a key concept for being able to communicate effectively with your audience. […]

Data Analysis and Quality: The insights you didn’t know you needed to implement effective business strategies

Data analysis and quality are key to anyone working in IT and Digital. Have you ever counted how many times a day you look up information on your smartphone? Any […]

“Phygital” for Pharma and Life Science – the new business model that combines the best of online and offline

In an era with almost no physical proximity between people, phygital for Pharma and Life Science is becoming more and more a reality, as digital channels have reinforced even more the idea […]

Gender parity in 2021 – Women’s Empowerment: How far are we from closing the gap?

The beginning of March traditionally marks the observance of the International Women’s Day, yet gender parity in 2021 is a dream still far away. If you think that talking about […]

Turn on the microphones! Communication during Covid-19

Communication during Covid-19 has changed a lot as the Pandemic has forced many professionals and companies to change the way they interact with their customers. After a period spent hunting for the best platforms, […]

#TrueblueTips | What Customer Engagement Score is and how it is calculated

CES: A metric for the all-round monitoring of customer interactions in a multichannel perspective   When we talk about Customer Engagement, we refer to the willingness of companies to establish a relationship with their audience, capable of […]

How to Organize the Best Online Training for your Sales Force

Nowadays, due to the current situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, organizing online training for the sales force is an essential task for companies operating in Pharma & Life Science, […]

Moderna Vaccine: the key contribution of Artificial Intelligence for the prevention of COVID-19

The key contribution of Artificial Intelligence to the prevention of COVID-19 disease proved crucial for the development of a new vaccine. After the authorization by Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco (AIFA) to Moderna’s vaccine for the prevention of the Coronavirus […]

Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft: Digital Meets

What happens when a meeting takes place between a company in Digital Pharma with high expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft, the IT giant? Nowadays, it’s all about AI. Everybody […]

Why AiDEA?

This is actually a twofold question as it can be answered in two different ways. The first is linked to the choice of the name “AiDEA”, while the second refers […]