Your sales force


Are you able to design the training and skill development of your sales force and make its actions more incisive?

Skill development: The solution helps design and develop individual skills and potentials in order to achieve sales targets and, consequently, improve productivity.


Do you have a system that can digitalize resource training and share results with sales force managers?

Survey: Coaching achieves an all-round territorial and local survey related to sales trends compared to agent training.


Do you know how to organize in-house processes and improve staff performance?

Multisolution device: The module provides for both a process and a tool provided with analyses. It is cyclic and interactive and permits you to develop and monitor the skills of your sales force.

Our model

Blue Upskill is a Trueblue Operating Suite module that maximizes sales force performance thanks to a guided path that encourages skill development and individual potential in view of achieving sales targets and, consequently, improving productivity. This application is based on three main steps: skill measurement, identification of training requirements and analysis of results achieved. The module also aims at optimizing resources assigned to management of training monitoring processes.


Multilingual Tool available, even in shared mode, via the Internet and the web.

The multilingual tool is available both via the Internet and the web and consists of a shared use mode with managers for the purpose of improving intra-company communication. It fosters performance monitoring thanks to configurable questionnaires and KPIs and digitalizes corporate resources training.

Reports and benchmarking

The module generates a measurable value by analyzing behaviors and results and, as a consequence, assesses sales trends by comparing data with the training activities that have been put in place. It is also possible to perform analyses and benchmarking with the rest of the sales force and assess sales trends by comparing them with the training activities that were put in place (Sales Decrease vs sales Increase related to training).

Integration of data coming from several sources including dotcom sources.

The module can be integrated with all Trueblue Suite solutions. Integration improves monitoring and analysis of data related to the training/sales performance ratio.

Investment and budget monitoring

The system notifies deadlines and activities that involve users who participate in event organization. When a deadline approaches the system makes it possible to automatically send out customized alerts to designated users by email.

Digitizing the training process

Digitizing includes initial measurement and assessment of the skill level and the learning targets. This process provides for identifying sales force values and behaviors, assessing the steps necessary to modify those behaviors that prevent achievement of sales targets. Subsequently the system can be used to create an individual training plan designed to implement a complete and customized learning project.

Training management with coaching

One of the many functions is the possibility to manage training with a coaching plan by the Area Manager. This activity will be included in the Agendas of the Area Manager and the Pharmaceutical Representative. This system then generates an updated and always-available report on coaching activities regarding the Pharmaceutical Representative involved in the training process.


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