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Do you know how to integrate all the communication channels in your system?

Digital Marketing and non-personal promotion: Use of innovative communication channels lets field operators promote customer loyalty and inform pharmaceutical stakeholders at any time and in any place. New communication channels such as web-calls, events and conventions in streaming, downloadable slides, telemarketing through calls and surveys and everything that does not require the physical presence of the pharmaceutical representative helps reduce costs in terms of human resources.


Does your system let you strengthen your communication potential?

Integration of data coming from different channels: Parameters include the possibility of analyzing browsing times, the number of channel interactions provided, objective and empirical clickstream analyses really useful for assessing the real intentions and interests of stakeholders, analyses of interactions with the physician with the application and with the new communication channel, connection times, etc.


Do your solutions let you integrate data coming from the field and ROI analyses for each communication channel being used?

Customization of communication and customization of promotional activities: The module lets you characterize the individual promotional activities according to the physician or the stakeholder, encouraging interaction and customer loyalty.

Our model

BLUE INTERACT is an indispensable multichannel solution for pharmaceutical companies wishing to enhance their communication and promotion modes by creating and using more innovative channels that can be added to the work and effectiveness of visits by pharmaceutical representatives and agents. The tool, in addition to creating new promotional channels thanks to use of emails, call centers and questionnaires, also ensures greater customer loyalty.


On-line and off-line sharing

The system can be used to share, using tablets and smartphones, CLM and demo videos useful both during face-to-face and remote visits as well as customized promotional materials and catalogues that can be consulted at any time both by the physician and by the pharmaceutical agent.

Advanced profiling and targeting

The multichannel system fosters physician profiling and targeting thanks to clickstream and browsing analysis that identifies the real intentions and interests of the stakeholder.

Integration of an analytical multichannel module

The solution can be integrated with the TRUE AI.CHANNELS analytical module and encompasses real time analysis of results that include parameters such as physician’s engagement and average browsing times.

Non-personal communication integration

The functions available in this module include Direct Mailing, Call Centers, corporate portal, physician portal, patient portal, pharmacy/Institution channel, e-Business, web marketing, eLearning services and questionnaires.

Customized interface

The module allows physicians or pharmacists to have access to a customized web space with a wealth of informative materials, videos, tutorials, catalogues, videoconferences, voice responses, updates and all the helpful sale and promotion information that a pharmaceutical company wants to publish or send out.


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