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Does your CRM ensure operating flexibility, integration with your solutions and tools and independent configuration for sales force and HQ?

Easy: Trueblue offers a single customer Database Infrastructure for the different business functions, facilitating management of visits, homonyms and assignment of commercial territories and targets.


Do you have a single customer database infrastructure for your business functions that can segment, profile, target and analyze the targets of visits and strengthen the strategic action of pharmaceutical representatives in the field?

Proactive: The Trueblue solution offers a powerful analytical engine that ensures operating flexibility, integration, sharing and integrated analysis of all corporate information.


Does your sales force have a multidevice, multilingual and multicurrency CRM with a SaaS approach?

Multifunctional: the CRM also includes an analytical model integrated with sales and activity data.

Our model

The Trueblue CRM is a scalable, configurable and multidevice solution that emphasizes and encourages understanding of the territory and ensures an increase in business, turnover and sales force efficiency. A specific model designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical world and able to support corporate sales strategy decisions and ensure usability of data, correctly targeting and profiling physicians, accounts and stakeholders in order to assess their potentials in the territory. An indispensable tool designed to boost and monitor ROI following visits to physicians and stakeholders focused on presentation of new products and distribution of test samples.


Multidevice & Multibrowser

The CRM application is present in both WEB and Tablet versions and an IPad version that fully exploits the characteristics of the device, permitting quick and simple use of all operating, bureaucratic and strategic functions by the sales force. The Trueblue CRM consists of an analytic engine that achieves integration, sharing and integrated analysis of all existing corporate information, permitting a concrete multichannel approach in full mobility.

Call reporting and physician management

The Trueblue CRM lets you input, manage and monitor the agenda of pharmaceutical representatives and Area Managers and record visits and any daily and fractional activities. Additionally a team of pharmaceutical representatives can have access to physician data, primary and secondary addresses and depending on Business Units. This data also includes segmentation and profiling.

Management of the territory

One special feature of the system is the possibility of sharing physicians between pharmaceutical representatives over several territories on the same line but with different addresses. Moreover, field force actions are strengthened thanks to log display and management related to brick and customer assignments.

Reporting and analysis of visit trends

Trueblue CRM data, information and analyses can be browsed, viewed and analyzed at all hierarchical levels of the field force depending on customization of their territory. CRM data analyses can be cross compared with sales data and integrated with all corporate solutions.

Customer management

Customer management is made easier by provision of specific tools from the pharmaceutical world such as: Product presentation, test products/samples unloading Management, Call reporting, Expense accounts, Management of customer records, Management of customer targeting and profiling, Integrated multichannel management, Native management of Call Planning for ISF/AM.


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