Your events


Are you in line with compliance and transparency regulations?

Efficient: Approval checks, process digitization and structured workflows ensure compliance with standards and corporate codes of conduct.


Does your system let you organize and monitor your promotional activities?

Structured and shared: You can create promotional initiatives in real time and share organizational steps with all relevant divisions and with all those who work in the field.


Do you know how to manage and check the budget status for your events?

Precise: Real time data updating provides constant budget monitoring, reducing management error margins by 100% .

Our model

A set of functional applications that support the whole process of creation and management of promotional events and initiatives. It permits correct budget allocation and distribution. It enables a fast and precise workflow, automating compliance with national laws and ethical policies regarding promotional events and initiatives with a focus on transparency regulation. It monitors costs and returns on investments in real time.


Notices in real time and standardized approval models and workflows.

Manage your events in collaboration with all the areas involved thanks to a customizable alert system. Monitor deadlines and digitize task assignments according to roles.

Dashboard & reports

Events strengthen the Sales Excellence of pharmaceutical companies. Dynamic reports and Trueblue dashboards analyze data related to event participation, attendance and organization.

Integration of data coming from multiple sources – including CRM

The module can be integrated with all Trueblue Suite solutions but above all with our Data Warehouse and our library of KPIs that foster crosschecking of data and multi-level analysis of sales trends.

Monitoring of investments and budgets

The system notifies deadlines and activities that involve users who participate in event organization. When a deadline approaches the system can automatically send customized alerts to designated users by email.

EFPIA management and transparency module

Manage your events in collaboration with all involved areas thanks to a customized alert system. Monitor deadlines and digitize task assignments according to roles.

Transparent and timely HCP and HCO management

The function is used to implement national compliance and, consequently, for final balance management and monitoring of each participant thanks to cost tracking and mapping of expenses borne by the pharmaceutical company.

Digitizing of relationships with agencies and suppliers

Digitizing of processes allows a 100% reduction in sending of emails and correspondence to agencies and suppliers and also automates reporting procedures and event accounting. .


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