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Sales force excellence

Can you easily access and share all information about your customers? Do you know how to strengthen your approach with stakeholders?

Performance: real time monitoring of the progress of projects, budgets and consequent specific understanding of one’s own territory, institutions and customers. The analysis also avails itself of a vast library of Key Performance Indicators.


Does your system help you flexibly coordinate your customized projects?

Structured and shared: structured setting of targets and action plans focused on decision makers belonging to institutions selected by the Sales & Marketing Division. Management of implementation of activities assigned to KAM and ISF in order to have the product included in the Therapeutic Formulary.


Have you found a way to map your stakeholders and monitor trends in your short and long-term market penetration strategies?

Quickness: creation of a single data sheet for stakeholders simplifies on-field operations because it can be consulted at any time both on-line and off-line. The Trueblue system also ensures quick implementation times thanks to its native dynamic integration and its ability to integrate with other systems.

Our model

BLUE ACCESS is a tool for efficient territorial management, analysis and implementation of customer coverage, activity planning and management, coverage of tender access processes. It can also, thanks to its targeting module, use KAM and other agents to identify potentials for sales, approach and achievement of corporate targets.



The system maps all national, regional and local stakeholders. It is also possible to map Key Accounts. Nowadays, in fact, mapping is a basic requirement for managing cross-company processes and skills. This function also meets the emerging requirements of the constantly evolving pharmaceutical market and the growing role of public, and especially regional and local, stakeholders in managing therapy access (HTA).

Match & Clean

Data cleansing that creates an unambiguous code for all Local and Corporate entities both at Brand and product line levels and at institutional levels.

Account Plan

This module monitors trends in corporate strategies, the resulting achievement of targets and management of the project operating phase that includes inclusion of the drug in a Therapeutic Hospital Formulary/Regional Therapeutic Hospital Formulary as well as Tenders, Start Therapy, projects on patients and Pharmacoeconomics. Its functions include: sharing of activities across different corporate functions and different countries. Moreover, it provides for mapping the key decision makers and for targeting accounts and customers based on different parameters such as potential, historical analysis such as sales data, tenders and CRM. The final target is to encourage the product positioning process in both structured and non-structured entities.


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