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Customer Engagement Score

25 February 2021

#TrueblueTips | What Customer Engagement Score is and how it is calculated

CES: A metric for the all-round monitoring of customer interactions in a multichannel perspective 

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Online training sales force

1 February 2021

How to Organize the Best Online Training for your Sales Force

The Coronavirus has transformed the way we perform online training for the sales force. Check out how Trueblue supports its customers

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Il contributo dell’Intelligenza Artificiale Vaccino Moderna

21 January 2021

Moderna Vaccine: the key contribution of Artificial Intelligence for the prevention of COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence as a key driver for the acceleration and optimization of production phases for the new Vaccine.

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Intelligenza Artificiale e Microsoft

17 December 2020

Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft: Digital Meets

Microsoft and Trueblue: A new collaboration for making the digital working model of pharmaceutical and Life Science companies more accessible.

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14 December 2020

Rocking with A.I. is the New… Normal

The infinite potential of Artificial Intelligence combined with the solid infrastructure of Microsoft Dynamics 365®: This is how AiDEA was born, for an optimised and performing Customer Journey.

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Team working

14 December 2020

No, not everyone has an inborn skill for Teamwork. Sometimes you also have to learn it

Many times people underestimate the value of Teamwork, taking it almost for granted. In fact, teamwork is not always an inborn skill, but one that can be acquired over time through experience and a lot of practice

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Blog - Trueblue

11 December 2020

Digital Transformation and the new customer engagement paradigms for Pharma & Life Science

The “New Normal” and the acceleration of processes towards Digital: How Customer Engagement and multi-channel processes have become key factors for the business today.

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10 December 2020

How to Design IT Pharma Solutions

Developing winning IT solutions in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science market requires teamwork and listening skills: This is how we at Trueblue tackle the fundamental steps of our projects.

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9 December 2020

The new Scenario of Artificial Intelligence

What happens when Artificial Intelligence clashes with the world of Social Networks? Discover the communication strategy Trueblue adopted for the launch of AiDEA!

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3 December 2020

100% Compliant with EFPIA & Sunshine Act

Transparency & Compliance: Trueblue’s specific solution is dedicated to promotional activities and automates all processes related to the management of pharmaceutical events in compliance with current regulations.

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1 December 2020

Artificial Intelligence, Smart Work and Process Revolution: Trueblue talks about the Challenge of Covid

Find out how Trueblue has reinvented internal processes, restructured communication and developed new ways to interface with clients during Covid-19.

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