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Business Strategy tra Oriente e Occidente

21 March 2022

Business Strategy as a process of cultural integration between the Orient and the Occident

That’s why, once you know both, you can no longer have a “black or white” approach.

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AI Marketing for Pharma

14 February 2022

If I told you “Be an ant!” to succeed in Marketing, how would you react?

AI Marketing for Pharma: what are the challenges and opportunities for 2022? Let’s explore the key points for an effective strategy!

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Data Science

21 October 2021

Data Science: the new IT resource with infinite potential

A short brief on today’s IT challenges and how they are being addressed.

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Women & ICT

6 October 2021

Women & ICT: innovation can overcome the gender gap

Is it really possible to talk about innovation in ICT if gender differences still persist today? We tried to shed some light on the topic.

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Ruolo del Customer Support Specialist

6 September 2021

Customer Support Specialist | The Ultimate Guide

Best practices and “active principles” to have the desired effect in today’s Pharma & Life Science market

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Usability UI and UX in Pharma

12 August 2021

Usability, UI and UX: the 3 key principles of a user-friendly app, even in Pharma

Developing an app today that meets the needs of users is increasingly difficult. The causes? High expectations and market competitiveness

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La Digital Transformation nel Pharma

3 August 2021

Digital Transformation for Pharma & Life Sciences: a two-sided coin towards the work process revolution

When talking about Digital Transformation within companies, we tend to consider both the effects and the changes it brings to the work processes that relate to the outside world. In reality, a revolution, to be such, must start from the heart of the company

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Customer Satisfaction

29 June 2021

Customer Satisfaction: fantasy or reality?

Customer happiness is not a matter of chance: creating simple but effective experiences is the key to establishing a relationship of trust that generates value and solid relationships

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Comunicazione digitale nel Pharma

24 June 2021

Digital communication in Pharma: can companies take action to spread correct information about people’s health? Spoiler alert: they can.

How does digital make all the difference when helping pharmaceutical companies break down communication barriers?

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The Light Side of Data

27 May 2021

The light side of Data: the irreplaceable value of the human side (even in IT)

Despite this scientific value, we should never lose sight of the fact that behind data, there are human beings.

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15 April 2021

Call to Action: 5 ways to make it a true Star!

Did you know that behind the creation of a Call To Action lies a careful and precise study? Here are some tips on how to make your CTAs shine and optimize the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns!

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10 April 2021

Why AiDEA?

A new Paradigm for the Life Science world. Discover the Reasons that led to the development of AiDEA.

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