17 December 2020

Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft: Digital Meets

Microsoft and Trueblue: A new collaboration for making the digital working model of pharmaceutical and Life Science companies more accessible.

Intelligenza Artificiale e Microsoft

What happens when a meeting takes place between a company in Digital Pharma with high expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft, the IT giant?

Nowadays, it’s all about AI. Everybody keeps talking about Artificial Intelligence and actually, AI is present in our daily lives while we interact with people and do our daily tasks. However, hardly do people know what Artificial Intelligence really is.

What is AI

So, let’s start defining AI. Technically, Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Information Technology that focuses on creating hardware and software systems that allow machines to act autonomously i.e. solve problems or perform tasks like a human being would do. An intelligent system tries to reproduce one or more different forms of human intelligence.

Within this context, a big improvement in the different behaviours was made by developing neural circuits and algorithms that are able to reproduce reasoning typical of human beings in different situations. On top of this, a major step forward in the history of Artificial Intelligence has been made with the creation of algorithms capable of improving the machine behaviour i.e. its ability to act and make decisions. The so-called Machine Learning makes it thus possible for a machine to learn to perform a certain action even if this action has never been programmed among the possible ones (read more about Artificial Intelligence here).


The big buzz around AI can be explained not only by the power it has acquired with time, but also by its ability to analyze enormous amounts of different data in real-time and in a short time, thus saving plenty of time to all those who use this technology for their business.

However, although we are all aware of the big added-value of Artificial Intelligence, few people know that when AI is applied to Pharma, outcomes can be really astonishing. We at Trueblue have been among the first ones to realize the impact AI can have on this industry and that’s how M.A.R.C. was born – our Pharma Pocket Expert that boosts business performance. How? Thanks to Artificial Intelligence combined with Trueblue’s Pharma Expertise for over 20 years, M.A.R.C. can provide actionable insights and strategic hints driven by the proactive and prescriptive analytical process it follows. Click here if you are curious to know more about M.A.R.C.

M.A.R.C. was such a huge success in the Life Science world that we once again decided to listen to our vocation to offer always cutting-edge solutions and to satisfy the new market needs of digital transformation by thinking even bigger.

From these assumptions the Global Alliance with Microsoft was born, and therefore AiDEA.


As a matter of fact, recently Trueblue has officially announced the beginning of a fruitful global alliance with Microsoft (read the press release here) that aims at making the digital working model of Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences companies more accessible.

In particular, thanks to the combination of Microsoft’s cutting-edge platforms with Trueblue’s Expertise, customers can take advantage of the best technologies on the market and interact with stakeholders in a completely different way. We are talking about a revolution in Multichannel Customer Engagement able to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

The collaboration with Microsoft was key to the development of AiDEA because Microsoft enables Trueblue to realize its vision of a unique system in which AI is natively integrated with operational and analytical areas, empowering and facilitating the customer engagement with information right at your fingertips.

Honestly speaking, we can state that thanks to the union of Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft, AiDEA is a real revolution in the Pharma & Life Science Market – for many reasons. AiDEA is indeed not just an innovative solution, but especially a brand new paradigm and way of working where Artificial Intelligence is the foundation that powers the operational and analytical solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365® and Power Platform®. All of this is completed by M.A.R.C., Trueblue’s intelligent and virtual assistant. What follows is a simplified access to information and a fully conversational interaction through smartphones and portable devices, which lead to a customer experience and smart customer engagement never seen before.

The objective of this powerful integration is to provide customers with the most advanced technology on the market, giving them the possibility to manage and interact with their stakeholders in the simplest and most productive way. We are thus at the beginning of a new era of Smart Customer Engagement, which makes the most of the solid Platforms of Microsoft and of the acknowledged expertise of Trueblue in the pharmaceutical market

“The significant innovation behind AiDEA makes us even more proud to have Trueblue in Microsoft’s Business Application ecosystem as part of the Global ISV Connect program,” says Ingmar Boon – Global Strategic ISV Alliance Manager – Recruit. “The integration of Trueblue with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform for Pharma & Life Sciences markets will enable us to offer added value to customers in this sector, which is now more strategic and fundamental than ever.”

If you are wondering what benefits this worldwide integration with Microsoft bring in practice, the answer comes quickly. In fact, thanks to this cooperation Trueblue is able to offer solutions for the Pharma and Life Sciences industry that empower companies to unify and understand their customer data easily, thus deriving strategic insights that enable personalized experiences.

As we already mentioned before, the Integration with Microsoft products is a key added value. Let us see together, for example, how AiDEA can really be a life-changing solution for Sales Reps who need to make calls to HCPs in this new era we are all living. In fact, as many of us know, recently Remote Calls have become a crucial channel for Reps when they need to interact with HCPs. AiDEA has the perfect solution to this issue as it integrates with Microsoft Teams® in an easy and user-friendly way, as you can see in the image below.

But there is more. As a matter of fact, thanks to AiDEA’s built-in AI, the solution offers actionable insights that are always available for helping users not only to get insights but also to properly follow the Corporate multichannel strategy.

On top of this, the analyses of Power BI are natively integrated in AiDEA and in Dynamics. This implies that thanks to Dynamics Customer Insights, users of AiDEA can consult both an Overview Dashboard and the detailed Target Achievement analyses, customer by customer and in real time!

These are just a few meaningful examples that show the power of this new solution that combines Trueblue’s pharma know-how and innovative drive with Microsoft Dynamics® solid and stable platform. Microsoft Dynamics 365® Sales and Marketing modules have been verticalized to meet the business needs coming from Pharma & Life Science Companies, allowing users to live a unique and comprehensive customer experience that includes marketing campaigns, RTEs and congresses with sales activities & digital material.  All this on the solid Azure infrastructure.

This is AiDEA, the Smart Customer Engagement solution.

AiDEA – The new paradigm, the new way of working.

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