6 March 2019

Trueblue starts artificial intelligence pilot with Merck in Italy

The launch of the pilot project with Merck and the introduction of a new innovative tool that aims to apply Artificial Intelligence to add value to the business.

The entry of artificial intelligence (AI) into the pharma market represents a turning point with the potential of bringing a crucial evolution in the business model of pharmaceutical companies.

Verona (Italy), Frankfurt (Germany) – February 25th, 2019 Trueblue, a specialized IT Company based on innovation, expertise and focused on the Pharma industry, launches an exciting pilot with Merck, a leading science and technology company, and Google Cloud AI technology. The main goal is to support, through an AI-based solution, medical representatives to plan their activities in order to better answer to the healthcare professionals’ information needs.

“The natural evolution of the digital world and the increasingly frequent use of big data has fostered the implementation of systems using AI in the pharmaceutical industry. All this implies a necessary cultural change in the working model of our business. The Healthcare business of Merck is collaborating with Trueblue as one of our partners for the development of innovative AI solutions. We believe that this project is the first step towards “real digital age”. We are pleased to be part of this co-development with Trueblue and Google Cloud in order to deliver an innovative tool aiming to truly apply artificial intelligence to add value for the business. The first pilot will be in the Italian Market”.
Alessandro De Luca, Merck Group, CIO Merck Healthcare

“This common vision towards the “real digital age” gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the impact on the business of new technologies related to artificial intelligence. We are thrilled to undertake the implementation of this ambitious project with Merck and to collaborate with Google Cloud for the realization of this system, as we share the challenge of those who aim for evolutionary change every day.”
Marco Bonesini – Trueblue CEO

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