12 September 2019

Trueblue announces the start of a new agreement with GUNA SPA

New agreement between GUNA SPA and Trueblue for the implementation of a complete solution able to guarantee the performance of activities in line with company strategies.

Trueblue Guna spa agreement

Verona (Italy), – 5th September 2019 Trueblue announces that it has signed a five-year contract with GUNA SPA for BlueForceBlueEvents and BlueRetail.

The need of GUNA was to find a complete solution able to guarantee continuous and on the go operations, without issues of synchronisation with the used ERP system, working online and offline and effectively managing activities reporting, expenses reports, stock, pharmacy orders, events and related budget distribution and guests, with the collection of digital signatures.

After a software selection process, Trueblue was chosen for its complete and innovative suite of products oriented to the future activation of processes driven by Artificial Intelligence. Trueblue was also chosen “for its specific experience in the pharmaceutical industry,” added Alessandro Pizzoccaro, GUNA’s Chairman “which has enabled it to fully understand our company’s peculiarities and issues during the demo, showing how they would be best handled considering the wide range of our products.

To this end, Trueblue’s operating suite has proved to be the most suitable choice, demonstrating that it can fully meet all customer needs, with the aim of stabilizing processes, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of people on the field and providing a reliable tool that ensures the performance of activities in line with business strategies.

Trueblue’s Artificial Intelligence technologies, already available in its operating suite and in line with the innovative spirit of Guna, have further confirmed the willingness to start this five-year collaboration.

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