16 December 2019

Trueblue and CSO Pharmitalia announce the start of a collaboration

CSO Pharmitalia and Trueblue together for a new collaboration aimed at cutting-edge solutions in the management of go-to-market strategies and commercial operations.

Trueblue CSO Pharmitalia collaboration

Verona (Italy), September 2019 – Trueblue and CSO Pharmitalia sign a multi-year contract for BlueForce and TrueBI.Pharma.

The strategic objective of CSO Pharmitalia is to leverage more than ten years of experience to build a multidisciplinary organization and act as a solid point of reference for pharma companies operating in Italy, with cutting-edge solutions for managing go-to-market strategies, commercial operations and supporting technologies.

Mario Ceriati, President of Board of CSO Pharmitalia, states that this new business model will improve some departments and functions of Pharma Companies thanks to the provision of diversified, personalized and natively integrated services, following the methods of more advanced markets.

“We are delighted to be part of CSO Pharmitalia’s strategy to create a new business model, with not only our products, but also our expertise,” says Marco Bonesini, CEO of Trueblue.

Many reasons have led CSO Pharmitalia to choose Trueblue as a partner. Firstly, the expertise gained over years of experience. Then, the broad use of BlueForce – a complete CRM solution managing calls to physicians, pharmacy orders and customer multichannel engagement – and of TrueBI.Pharma – a solution based on the Pharma vertical analytical model developed by Trueblue in more than 15 years of experience and in collaboration with the main Italian and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

The CRM project was released in about 3 months of work, with application development lasting less than 2 months and the migration of more than 150 users to the new mobile and device independent platform.

We needed a reliable partner to implement our vision, able to understand our needs and share our ambition to innovate the market,” adds Luca Minotti, General Manager of DPH group, of which CSO Pharmitalia is a member.

“We are proud of having been chosen as a parner of CSO Pharmitalia and of supporting them in this transformation process,” answers Marco Bonesini, CEO of Trueblue.

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