10 June 2019

The first step towards a Group solution – Italfarmaco chooses Trueblue’s CRM for EFFIK

Italfarmaco and Effik Italia united by Trueblue‘s CRM 4.0. Innovation and technology to pursue corporate objectives.

Trueblue EFFIK

Verona (Italy) – 10th June, 2019 Today, Trueblue has signed a new contract to merge Italfarmaco and EFFIK Italy into one single CRM. Trueblue has responded to the need to activate EFFIK as a new line within Italfarmaco’s CRM, through its Cloud CRM 4.0, combining technological innovation with performance assurance. This CRM helps sales reps to both work within the restrictions imposed by AIFA and stay in line with the company’s wishes. On top of that, it is mobile friendly and can be integrated with an artificial intelligence engine that speeds up daily activities and suggests actions, thus saving reps’ time and increasing their performance.

The negotiations involved a series of meetings with Area Managers and EFFIK’s Sales Director, aimed at defining the needs of EFFIK users in order to properly configure the CRM for Italfarmaco Italy. Afterwards, we started with the activation of the CRM 4.0 implementing all EFFIK’s configurations. Eventually, by the end of 2019, all Italfarmaco Italy’s configurations will be migrated.

“Over the years, together with Trueblue we have successfully realised many new implementations of the CRM dedicated to our Sales Force. Because of this consolidated partnership and owing to the professional growth of Trueblue, already recognized as an international player with multi-country corporate solutions, Italfarmaco has started a first process of normalization of Group Systems, adopting the new technology by Trueblue for Effik Italy, too. The aim is to replicate the model in other countries over time, according to a predictable evolution plan,” States Lisiero Fabrizio – Italfarmaco S.p.A., Head of Sales Force Organisation.

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