3 May 2021

DOC Generici chooses Trueblue for optimizing its Customer Engagement process towards Digital Transformation

DOC Generici shifts into Digital Transformation optimizing its Customer Engagement processes together with Trueblue

DOC Generici chooses Trueblue

Milan, May 3rd 2021 - DOC Generici, an Italian company leader in the generic drugs sector for twenty-five years, shifts into Digital Transformation optimizing its Engagement processes together with Trueblue, a leading provider of Customer Engagement, BI and Artificial Intelligence solutions for the Pharma & Life Science industries.

With an ex-factory turnover of approximately 254 million euros in 2020, DOC Generici ranks tenth in terms of values and seventh in terms of units in the ranking of pharmaceutical companies in Italy (IQVIA data). The company, which covers 13 different therapeutic areas and has over 540 products, counts about 70 employees working at the Milan headquarters and 140 collaborators, divided between Area Managers, Key Account Managers/Public Affairs and Medical Sales Representatives distributed throughout the country.

The added value of the company lies in the strong sense of social responsibility guided by ethical principles of fairness, transparency, people care and quality of services and products. In a recent article in Sole 24 Ore, DOC Generici strongly emphasizes this point, talking about how the digital transformation of healthcare – boosted by the pandemic – is now capable of enhancing the central role of patients in the therapeutic pathway. Hence, the company's response to this challenge, or rather the desire to:

Work on a new digital humanism that supports physicians and pharmacists in a new form of communication and relationship with patients”. In this context, the company has chosen to equip itself with innovative solutions capable of responding to current needs. Thanks to Customer Insights powered by Microsoft, DOC Generici will be able to get closer to HCPs, pharmacists and patients by pursuing a renewed and targeted communication process, aimed at establishing lasting and concrete relationships. As a matter of fact, the solution permits to analyze and understand users’ behavior on different touchpoints i.e. email, social channels, events, calls, etc. and to have holistic view of data thanks to analytics available in real time and driven by Artificial Intelligence, which will allow to collect useful information to implement an effective engagement strategy.

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