Angelini Pharma and Trueblue: a new collaboration gets underway for optimising data-based decision making and analytics

Roma, Verona (Italia) – 22 July 2020 Promoting the development of corporate decision-making process powered by the use of data, KPIs and concrete elements to guide business choices in line with objectives, goals and initiatives. These purposes have lead Angelini Pharma, a pharmaceutical company committed to finding healthcare solutions with main focus on the central nervous system (CNS), including pain, and rare diseases, to choose Trueblue, an Italian company with Headquarters in Verona, specialized in technological solutions for the global healthcare market focused on providing continuous business improvement.

More in detail, Angelini Pharma chooses Trueblue as its partner for optimising the process of corporate data management, KPIs and analytics that will guide strategic business decisions. The project includes the implementation of Business Intelligence services for all 15 corporate offices in Italy and abroad. In order to accelerate the adoption of new services and to maximize their effectiveness, Angelini Pharma has planned to provide the Sales Force with new and innovative Artificial Intelligence solution “M.A.R.C.”, Trueblue’s Virtual Pharma Expert.

“I am very satisfied to have embarked on this collaboration with Trueblue, an Italian company specialized in innovative technological solutions” says Pierluigi Antonelli CEO of Angelini Pharma. “This collaboration will allow us on the one hand to reduce the time to access information and to provide simplified data access while improving efficiency in analysis activities, and on the other hand to radically change the working model of our Sales Force by providing real-time strategic suggestions through the adoption of the Virtual Coach based on artificial intelligence”.

Together with Trueblue, Angelini Pharma will be able to implement new tools to achieve several strategic objectives, such as setting up and using a library of Analysis, KPIs and analytical processes homogeneous among all affiliates; providing a virtual assistant based on Artificial Intelligence able to improve the performance and effectiveness of the various interactions and providing the Company with a P&L financial dashboard.

This will be made possible through a multi-channel analytical system consisting of a scalable, integrated and flexible CDP’s infrastructure based on Customer Insights by Microsoft Dynamics for all corporate offices that allows to measure the most important business KPIs, including CRM data, direct sales data and finally Coaching and Multichannel data. This allows performing commercial benchmark analysis and getting the right insights thanks to the use of M.A.R.C., Trueblue’s virtual coach based on an Artificial Intelligence model.

“We are excited about the beginning of this new collaboration with Angelini” says Marco Bonesini – CEO & Co-founder of Trueblue. “Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of the performance of the Company and all its subsidiaries. The efficiency and effectiveness of analytical processes will be optimized, thanks to a complete and functional Business Intelligence system. Moreover, through M.A.R.C. we will also guide Angelini in transforming their working model into a new model based on AI“.

Angelini Pharma

Angelini Pharma researches, develops and markets both active ingredients and branded drugs worldwide. It is committed to identifying healthcare solutions with focus on areas of the central nervous system (CNS) – including pain – and rare diseases. Angelini Pharma is also a leading company in the Consumer Healthcare area.

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Trueblue provides industry-leading ready-to-use, cloud-based BI and AI solutions for the Life Sciences market.

For more than 20 years, Trueblue has been supporting the main multinational companies in the pharmaceutical market, creating and bringing innovative technological solutions that drive continuous business improvement.

Our unique and holistic understanding of the global data footprint, together with our deep industry knowledge and genuine Customer Experience focus, gives us the ability to co-create disruptive and effective solutions quickly adopted by end users and recognized, year after year, by leading consulting companies (e.g. Gartner).

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